VS 300 supply system:

VS 300 is flush-mounted and perfectly complements any surgical area installation in a horizontal or vertical position. VS 300 complies with the hygiene requirements for surgery areas by employing a design that is easy to clean, with seamless surfaces that minimize bacterial deposits. A central connection point facilitates easy installation.
The use of modular front panels allows easy replacement and augmentation of installation components at any time. VS 300 comes fully equipped for the OR with a full supply of electric power sockets and gas outlets.

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No integrated moving parts // All TRILUX Medical Installation components e.g. power sockets, switches etc. are maintenance-free // Maintenance-free solder connections with gas outlets in the VS 300.


TRILUX Medical installation components are frameless and flush-mounted into the profile, optimal for cleaning and disinfection.


Functional, timeless design // Suitable for any interior design.


The use of modular front panels means that installation components can be replaced or supplemented at any time.



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