Paramon® OR Integration System:

Usability for medical devices – this has always been the professed goal of TRILUX Medical. The new Paramon®, the OR Integration System is intuitive and user friendly. This is an integral part of this state-of-the art system that would ensure that the right information is available to all involved parties at the right time, to make the right decision.

The new OR Integration System Paramon® is convincing in terms of flexibility and image quality as well as ergonomics. With its power video cards, it belongs a class of high-end performance systems uniting top performance, versatility and cost efficiency.

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Control centre for routing of video and image signals // Save and preview frequently used room configurations for lighting, room cameras, individual routing settings etc. to reduce turn-around time and expedite room setup


Harness excellent efficiency and improves workflows with the TRILUX standard DICOM network integration for worklist management and export of video and images // Post-processing features allow video editing and DICOM tag addition to videos and images // Ease of use and Paramon® smart documentation allow surgeons and OR stuff to devote more time and attention to the surgery


Share data instantly with colleagues near and far via connect everywhere // Real-time Full HD streaming on PCs, tablets and smart-phones at your fingertips // Fully software-based streaming // HIPAA-compliant data privacy


Control compatible surgical equipment to perform tasks and assist team members from a single location

Product recommendation

Aurinio Wave®

The reLED OR light for the best illumination

Product recommendation

Aurinio® LED OR-Lights

Maximum performance –
minimum consumption.

Product recommendation

IS 500 OP

Media bridge for all-round supply.

Policlinico Casilino, Rome, Italy

A special highlight of the hybrid OR is use of the Paramon® OR integration system that supports both the heart and vascular surgeons and the OR staff in their daily work by functioning as a central information, control and processing unit.

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