Medidrant® CSS OR ceiling supply unit:

Surgeons and anesthesiologist particularly appreciate the Options opened up by the new Medidrant® Ceiling Supply System, even in unfavourable room conditions. The freedom to do what is required at the right position; as simple as possible.

The optimal design for improved ergonomics; Twin Base design for a maximum number of attachments; integrated supplementary tool for indirect lighting with LED; the even greater number of connection options for power, gas and data outlets; the ceiling stand for greater freedom of movement; the heavy load variant for anaesthesia lifters. All this combined with the wide range of equipment options and models ensures one important factor: optimum patient care.

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Rigid system for endoscopy and anaesthesia // Height-adjustable system for surgery // Tandem system for intensive care // Mono and Duo extension arms with different lengths // Soloor Twin-Base for holding installed components // Heavy-load CSS for use in anaesthesia


“Duo” version: max. length of support arms 2,400 mm // Anaesthesia device is liftable completely equipped // Maximum load of TWIN base: 300 kg // Support for the anaesthetic trolley including lifter function // Maximum load capacity for anaesthesia lifter: 250 kg // Intelligent sensor technology with pressure sensor, distance sensor and stopper ensures safety when lifting the anaesthesia device


Less work load for use of CSS‘s with motor arm // Optimal work height achieved by modification to body height // Work in seated or standing positions and position modification with extended surgery is possible // Simple, precise positioning of the anaesthesia device


Simple, quick cleaning of the OR due to more free floor space


Optimum indirect illumination of the surgical field reduces the risk of accidents to personnel during endoscopic procedures // Integrated in the rear of the media base // Light colours can be individually set with use of LED RGB technology


Integrated button for recalling preset lighting scenes, dimming of indirect room lighting and for the individual setting of light colours with RGB lighting.


Single or combined brakes in the extension arms // Prevents accidental movements of the CSS // Fixes ceiling supply system in the desired position


Greater flexibility with extensive range of accessories // Infusion bottle holders, monitor mounts and shelves and much more

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