VS 300 normal care supply system:

The VS 300 can be recess-mounted flush and fits perfectly with any room design. Installation is possible horizontally or vertically, e.g. between two beds. The colour is freely selectable, the paint finish will follow an existing style, where applicable. The VS 300 was designed without joints, is installed the same way and meets the hygiene requirements of normal care. For a normal care room that combines homely liveability for the patient with care functionality.

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No integrated moving parts // All TRILUX Medical Installation components e.g. power sockets, switches etc. are maintenance-free // Maintenance-free solder connections with gas outlets in the VS 300.


TRILUX Medical installation components are frameless and flush-mounted into the profile, optimal for cleaning and disinfection.


Functional, timeless design // Suitable for any interior design.


The use of modular front panels means that installation components can be replaced or supplemented at any time.



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