Medidrant® CSS intensive ceiling supply unit:

The Medidrant® CSS Intensiv solves the problem of the precise positioning of instruments and equipment for conducting pinpoint work in day-to-day intensive care. Stands on both sides of the bed enabling the use of everything needed for Monitoring patients (vital parameters, pulse, blood pressure, ECG) and infusion (pumps, etc.). The Medidrant® CSS Intensiv. Pinpoint precision work due to precise positioning.

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Modular system construction, open for expansions// more flexibility via extensive program of accessories // infusion bottle holder, monitor support and counter plates etc.


Brakes actuated singly or in combination in the bracket axes // prevents unintentional movement of the ceiling supply unit // retains the ceiling supply system at the required location


Indirect ambient lighting // integrated in the rear of the media base // light colours: white, red, green and blue // light colours can be individually set to working conditions and personal needs // light source service life > 50,000 hours.


Integrated button for recalling preset light scenes // dimming of indirect room lighting // individual setting of light colour with RGB lighting


Low maintenance costs due to optionally integrated fixed copper tubes for gas removal valves in the media base


Tandem system for intensive care // mono and duo bracket arms with various lengths // solo or twin base for accommodating installation components // version optionally with height-adjustable motor arm

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