IS 500 Ceiling supply System:

The IS 500 ceiling supply system provides for a clear separation of supply connections for medical devices: what's necessary for basic supply is fed from the rear, what's necessary for emergency supply is handled from the front. 

The movable and rotatable equipment trolleys can be easily positioned exactly where needed. A broad accessory program affords solutions for any treatment and supply situation.

Let our specialists advise you about our innovative IS 500 ceiling supply system.


All-round access to patients allows doctors and care personnel to optimally take care of patients // Media supply on both sides for secure patient care, even in acute emergency situations


Movable and rotatable equipment trolleys that can be equipped with a broad range of storage trays, equipment trays and supporting tubes for accommodating all necessary peripheral devices // Accessories can be placed in ergonomically operable and usable positions // Optimally short cables and supply lines to the patient


Glare-free, indirect LED room lighting for homogeneous illumination of the work area // dimmable // can be combined with RGB LED modules for ”atmospheric“ room lighting // controllable via the RGBW-controller for the patient, relatives and care personnel.


Complies with standards // dimmable // no maintenance.


Ground clearance for more safety; all cables and supply lines are stored in an equipment-oriented manner // Tripping hazards are reduced // Cleaning is made easier

Product recommendation

VS 100

Variable supply system.

Product recommendation

Medidrant® CSS Intensive

Ceiling supply unit for high precision working.

Product recommendation

Aurinio® L 50
LED examination light

Daylight and high colour rendering.

Clinic for Paediatrics and Youth Medicine, Dortmund, Germany

7 bed spaces NICU with IS 500 // The clinic is characterised by taking care of 6,000 in-patient children per year and 12,000 children in the emergency room, plus baby ambulance.

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