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Urologische Klinik am Lerchenberg, Heilbronn, Germany

The Urology clinic am Lerchenberg, which was founded in 1967, is looking back on over 50 years of experience. It specialises in urinary and venereal diseases. The clinic features a capacity of 20 beds and conducts roughly 1,600 procedures per year.
A new OR was to be integrated into a new building wing, so TRILUX Medical started planning in March 2018. A particular challenge was presented by the available space, which was highly limited with a footprint of 30 m² and an intermediate ceiling height of 2.60 m.
A modular wall system was an ideal fit for this situation, ensuring a custom-fit room division. An Aurinio Wave® OR light with flat cardanics serves as the ideal solution for the low ceiling height. In addition, more space was saved by means of flush installation of a 50’’ wall monitor behind glass as well as a custom-made cabinet system, both of which were integrated into the modular wall system. Gas and power supply are provided via two Medidrant® ceiling supply systems which also guarantee an ideal utilisation of space in the OR thanks to their high rotation capacity.