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N.A.R.A Medical Center, Ramat Gan, Israel

N.a.r.a Medical Center is one of the leading medical centres in Israel. It is the third largest private hospital in the country and is located at Tel-Aviv and Afula. Here Israel's leading doctors and specialists from all over the world dispense their medical expertise.The clinic specialises in ophthalmology, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, gynaecology and ENT.
In cooperation with its partner Lapidot Medical, the task of the Mizuho Group was to upgrade an existing building into a new surgical wing with seven operating theatres as part of a triathlon project. The new wing was to be designed to be ideal for multidisciplinary operations. A new room layout was initially created by installing modular wall, ceiling and door systems.  By combining several supply systems, the wall-integrated VS300 supply unit and the Medidrant® ceiling supply unit from TRILUX Medical, optimal supply during surgery is guaranteed.  Aurinio Wave® lights ensure optimum illumination of the surgical field. MOT 1602BW from Mizuho Medical are used as multidisciplinary operating tables.
The concept of the wall-integrated VS300 supply unit was installed in an operating theatre in Israel for the very first time. Thanks to the possibility of flush mounting the VS300 achieves space-saving installation in the wall. The VS300 is therefore an interesting alternative for the provision of media in smaller operating theatres. The system is extremely low-maintenance and enables fast, optimum cleaning and disinfection. It is also very well received by the users and visitors of the clinic.
A further challenge was to take into account the various room heights of the existing building during the construction phase. Together with our partner many individual special solutions were implemented.
In general, the Mizuho Group was once again able to score points with its depth of expertise and products. In cooperation with our partner Lapidot Medical, seven ultra-modern operating theatres were quickly implemented in an existing building and additional 9 OR’s are being under work in the second phase of the project.