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Clinique Ophtalmologique, Tunis, Tunesien

The Clinique Ophtalmologique was opened in January 1996 and is considered the first out-patient ophthalmology surgery centre in Tunisia. By now, it is an internationally acclaimed special clinic for ophthalmology and ophthalmological procedures. In February 2018, the expansion of the clinic was put into operation. Said expansion encompasses six ORs with a 200 sqm preparation room, an induction room, as well as a monitoring station.

The Mizuho Group was able to provide valuable input for the expansion of the clinic already in the planning phase. They worked hand in hand jointly with the clinic’s management and the architects. As a result, the room separation was, for example, realised via a modular wall system. Not only did the newly gained room geometry increase the efficiency of the work flows, but also the number of treatments.

For procedures in ophthalmology, typically fewer and smaller devices are needed. Here, the operating rooms are smaller than for other procedures and are therefore equipped with fewer and smaller ceiling supply units.

Furthermore, the special ceiling microscopes required for ophthalmological applications require sufficient space below the ceiling. Therefore, an IS 500 OP was installed as media supply unit for the smaller operating rooms. For the larger rooms, the Medidrant® CSU OP ceiling supply unit was utilised. In other rooms, the planners combined different supply units to ensure an optimal supply for the patients. In rooms in which an anaesthesia machine is used, the ceiling supply units were equipped with corresponding lifters to fulfil the hygiene and application-specific requirements. For the best possible provision of light during surgery, all operating rooms were equipped with the Aurinio® LED OP light.

The realisation of the media supply in the recovery area was effected via an IS 500 with 4 beds each on each site of the media bridge. This way, it was possible to reduce the costs and optimise the workflow.

Once again, the Mizuho Group was able to realise a solution for a holistic operating complex optimally tailored to the clinic by creating a balance between high-end solution and cost Efficiency.