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Overview of triathlon® references

Planners around the world trust in the solutions of TRILUX Medical and include them in building and equipping ORs and intensive care units. For the satisfaction of doctors, nurses and patients. Here, a selection of reference addresses.

N.A.R.A Medical Center, Ramat Gan, Israel

In cooperation with its partner Lapidot Medical, the task of the Mizuho Group was to upgrade an existing building into a new surgical wing with seven operating theatres as part of a triathlon project. The Mizuho Group was once again able to score points with its depth of expertise and products.

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Urologische Klinik am Lerchenberg, Heilbronn, Germany

The Urology clinic am Lerchenberg, which was founded in 1967, is looking back on over 50 years of experience. It specialises in urinary and venereal diseases.  The clinic was expanded in 2018 with a new building wing with a new operating theater. TRILUX Medical has been able to successfully support the project from the planning through the implementation to the tailor-made solutions of the surgical Equipment.

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Ortho-Klink, Dortmund, Germany

With the opening of the new OR3, a state-of-the-art operating room meeting the highest expectations was completed within the shortest period of time.

Here, too, the Mizuho Group could once again prove its expertise in terms of specialised know-how for smart surgery processes in the OR in the realisation of holistic operating rooms.

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Clinique Ophtalmologique, Tunis, Tunisia

The Clinique Ophtalmologique was opened in January 1996 and is considered the first out-patient ophthalmology surgery centre in Tunisia. By now, it is an internationally acclaimed special clinic for ophthalmology and ophthalmological procedures. In February 2018, the expansion of the clinic was put into operation.

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Policlinico Casilino, Rome, Italy

Ranging from planning and products used to downstream services – in the renowned Policlinico Casilino in Rome, TRILUX Medical has proven that all three disciplines contained within the triathlon® name were mastered with confidence and outstanding results.

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OPIC Vienna - High quality operating theatre construction with the Vienna Campus Technical University

For planning and construction of the first operating theatre in the Operationssaal-Innovations Center [Operating Theatre Innovation Center] at the University of Vienna, the Mizuho Group not only had the opportunity to once again demonstrate their specialised expertise with smart operation sequences, but could also actively contribute to designing a highly modern research facility by equipping this with special units. With its interdisciplinary research OPIC Vienna is positioning itself as a unique centre for expertise in the OR sector.

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