Customer Experience Center, Union City, USA

The new Customer Experience Center in Union City (California) was opened on 4 May 2018. The centre consists of a modular training room as well as a product showcase area displaying the portfolio of the Mizuho Group’s products. Everything can be found there, from special and general operating tables, via print management solutions, to patient positioning devices. In addition, customers and employees have access to a simulated surgical theatre combining advanced technology and design to provide a complete operating room solution.

The operating room was realised as a triathlon project and includes – in addition to the operating tables – a Paramon® OR integration system, a Medidrant® ceiling supply unit, and two Aurinio Wave® OR lights. The simulated OR enables surgeons and clinical teams to experience the innovative products of the complete Mizuho Group.

"Opening our third training center is a testament to our customers, and our commitment to providing an optimal learning environment with hands-on access to our solutions," stated Steve Lamb, President and Chief Operating Officer of Mizuho OSI. “The mock OR allows our partners to envision how these technologies perform in a real-world setting so they can feel confident as they incorporate new techniques and technologies into their practices for the benefit of patients.”

"We’re excited to be opening our Customer Experience Center, bringing together world-class surgical and patient care experts, in a state-of-the-art facility, to ensure our products continue to result in the most favorable outcomes possible for the doctors and patients," said Greg Neukirch, Mizuho OSI Vice President for Sales and Marketing.