TRILUX Medical Cube, Arnsberg, Deutschland

The “Medical Cube” showroom in Arnsberg (Germany) was built in 2009 and has been continuously updated ever since. It provides planners, architects, users, and additional other visitors with the opportunity to inform themselves of the most state-of-the-art medical technology equipment of operating rooms (ORs) and intensive care units and their construction.

It includes two ORs and one intensive care unit as well as an area for technical training. It is equipped with a broad spectrum of products of the Mizuho Group. Everything is on display here, from all kinds of supply units, such as the Medidrant® ceiling supply unit and the IS 500 media bridge, via OR and examination lights of the Aurinio® family, all the way to special operating tables and the Paramon® OR integration system. Additionally, visitors gain insights into the design and realisation of the modular triathlon® OR solution.

“The Medical Cube enables us to provide our customers and users with a first-hand experience of our products. They have the opportunity to experience the products up close and personal and to familiarise themselves with the benefits and intuitive operation of the products,” explains Sandra Okfen-Koc, Sales Manager D-A-CH.