Showroom Middle East Regional Office, Amman, Jordan

The TRILUX Medical Middle East Regional Office in Amman (Jordan) was founded in 2013. In addition to a compact intensive and normal care area, its showroom also has a large operating theatre equipped with a wide range of products from the Mizuho Group.

Among others, the showroom was equipped with an Aurinio Wave® and Aurinio® LED OR light, an IS 500 OP media bridge and a Kubion and BS 400 supply unit from TRILUX Medical.

"We are very pleased to provide customers in our catchment area with an opportunity to get to know Mizuho Group products at close hand," stated Hakam Said, head of the TRILUX Medical Middle East Regional Office in Amman. "It's a unique chance for us to explain the practical handling of these units and their advantages to the medical profession and users."

The showroom is not only used for viewing and demonstrations, but for training customers, medical personnel, engineers, consultants and dealers as well as distributors and business and industrial partners in the region. It also enables improved, closer communication between the Mizuho Group and its customers and partners.