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Policlinico Casilino, Rome, Italy

Ranging from planning and products used to downstream services – in the renowned Policlinico Casilino in Rome, TRILUX Medical has proven that all three disciplines contained within the triathlon® name were mastered with confidence and outstanding results.

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Ortho-Klink, Dortmund, Deutschland

Mit der Eröffnung des neuen OP3 wurde binnen kürzester Zeit ein hochmoderner und den höchsten Anforderungen entsprechender Operationssaal fertiggestellt.
Die Mizuho Group konnte auch hier wieder ihre Kompetenz in Sachen Spezialisiertes Know-how für smarte Operationsabläufe im OP und in der Realisierung ganzheitlicher Operationssäle unter Beweis stellen.

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OPIC Vienna - High quality operating theatre construction with the Vienna Campus Technical University

For planning and construction of the first operating theatre in the Operationssaal-Innovations Center [Operating Theatre Innovation Center] at the University of Vienna, the Mizuho Group not only had the opportunity to once again demonstrate their specialised expertise with smart operation sequences, but could also actively contribute to designing a highly modern research facility by equipping this with special units. With its interdisciplinary research OPIC Vienna is positioning itself as a unique centre for expertise in the OR sector.

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