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Policlinico Casilino, Rome, Italy

Ranging from planning and products used to downstream services – in the renowned Policlinico Casilino in Rome, TRILUX Medical has proven that all three disciplines contained within the triathlon® name were mastered with confidence and outstanding results.


The TRILUX Medical team contacted the Policlinico Casilino in Rome as early as 2011 when it became known that a new construction was being planned. The project was subsequently started in 2013. It concerned a new building and until then only rough plans were available, but responsible managers at the hospital already had very good, precise ideas about what they wished to achieve. The experienced TRILUX Medical team got together with all persons involved, listened to their concepts and intentions, forwarded their own ideas, and together with consultant architects drew up initial layout suggestions. Not only influencing the precise design and configuration of the rooms and corridors was possible, but also adopting an optimised workflow because close and regular contact was maintained with all participants. The hospital accepted the recommendations, and all results were presented not just to the hospital management but the complete team as well – the Head of Procurement, technical OR management, anaesthetists and surgeons. For the hospital management, it was also important that staff working at the Policlinico Casilino were involved in the planning to enable optimum results.

An OR wing with six OR rooms as well as adjacent preparation, recovery and wash areas was constructed, although designs were initially frozen because of a construction delay. The project was started again in 2015 together with the modified request for integrating a hybrid OR. For this reason, one of the planned standard operating theatres was redesigned – an adjacent OR had to relinquish some space to enable the hybrid OR to be sufficiently sized. The hybrid OR was finally situated where a control/monitor room and additional utility room presented no problems. At last the plans could be finalised.


Both the walls with doors and the ceilings were supplied according to the overall triathlon® concept. With regards to the wall panels, the decision was taken to use galvanised steel sheet that was then coated with an antibacterial layer as per Casilino’s request. For the doors, both automatic sliding doors with windows and manually operated doors were specified in accordance with work processes. Because laminar air flow ceilings were used the IS 500 OP media bridge that supports airflow in the operating room was offered for all five standard OR rooms. As the standard ORs should be used for various applications, TRILUX Medical also recommended two Medidrant® ceiling supply systems (CSS) in one of the rooms to enable a different configuration of the devices if required or if the surgeon desires. Wall-integrated VS 300 supply units from TRILUX Medical were also installed for emergency supply purposes. Illumination of the surgical field in all rooms is with the twin version of the Aurinio® LED OR light L120 PM.

Special products from the triathlon® portfolio were required in the hybrid OR, mainly used for cardiovascular surgery. Leaded walls are required because a C-arm is used in the theatre. The selection of doors and windows to the control room must also meet these special requirements. Aurinio® LED OR lights were additionally equipped with a third arm for attaching a radiation protection screen for the personnel.

A special highlight of the hybrid OR is use of the Paramon® OR integration system that supports both the heart and vascular surgeons and the OR staff in their daily work by functioning as a central information, control and processing unit. The hybrid OR is also equipped with Medidrant® ceiling supply systems that can be flexibly positioned to ensure sufficient freedom of action in these special conditions.

Adjacent preparation rooms are equipped with the reliable wall-mounted VS 100 system. The recovery room with four bed places has two IS 500 twin-bed units featuring a clear separation of the supply connections for medical units – devices required for basic power supply are fed via the rear while supply of devices required in emergencies is on the front side. The wash areas were also tendered and implemented as part of the triathlon® concept.


Following completion of installation, all units were tested and staff instructed accordingly. A special training event was held on site for the Paramon® OR integration system to explain all functions in detail. Because queries about the system may also occur during running operation, the TRILUX Medical team maintains close contact to the hospital to provide rapid support to minimise downtime.

The subsequent supply of accessories is also part of the triathlon® concept, often helping with minor changes to processes. At the Policlinico Casilino the monitors for endoscopic surgery were initially positioned on trolleys and therefore took up a lot of space in the OR. Therefore, monitor supports were retroactively attached to the IS 500 OP supply systems and Medidrant® ceiling supply systems, giving personnel more freedom of movement in the operating room.

Product recommendation


The OR Integration System.

Product recommendation

Aurinio® LED OR-Lights

Maximum performance –
minimum consumption.

Product recommendation

Medidrant® CSS OR

Ceiling supply unit for more freedom to act.