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University hospitals Leuven, Belgium

New construction of an intensive care unit for premature infants // Medidrant CSS, VS 100 and Aurinio L30 in 36 single and twin rooms

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Karolinenhospital Arnsberg - Hüsten, Germany

12 intensive care bed spaces with the VS 100 supply system // The hospital is equipped with 277 beds // Single, double or family // 8,500 in-patient patients per year.

Ziekenhuis Antoniushove, Leidschendam, Netherlands

36 IC-CCU intensive bed spaces with the IS 500 // Clinic association Leidschendam and The Hague. The focal points of the clinics are acute care, oncology, and infectious diseases.

Clinic for Paediatrics and Youth Medicine, Dortmund, Germany

7 bed spaces NICU with IS 500 // The clinic is characterised by taking care of 6,000 in-patient children per year and 12,000 children in the emergency room, plus baby ambulance.

Innsbruck University Clinics, Austria

20 bed spaces ICU with IS 500 // The Medical University, with approx. 3,000 students and approx. 1,800 employees, is the most important medical research and educational institution in western Austria.

Vinzentius Hospital, Landau, Austria

31 bed spaces ICU with VS 100 // At the Vinzentius Hospital, approx. 900 patients per year are treated at the inter-disciplinary intensive care.

Klinikum Neuperlach, Munich, Germany

4 bed spaces ICU with VS 100 // The Klinikum features more than 10 clinics, 1 institute, 7 operating theatres, 3 day clinics, 545 beds, 30 intensive care beds, 802 full-time employees, and is Chest Pain Unit certified (cardiology).

TRILUX Medical Cube, Arnsberg, Germany

The showroom presents state of the art medical technology TRILUX Medical products in a realistic environment // Operation theatres, care rooms and treatment rooms.