TRILUX Medical sponsors surgical training at Warnemünde

"Fundamental and structured surgical further training is advantageous for all surgeons. Less time, less personnel and less budget means it is ever more difficult to provide this service during everyday hospital work, and so practical OR courses that train surgical techniques are highly important." The German Association for General and Visceral Surgery (DGAV) offers several training courses for this reason.


One of these courses is the "practical course for visceral surgery in Warnemünde" that took place at the beginning of June. This proved to be an optimum platform for having discussions with many tutors, professors and students. Thanks to a long time friendship with Professor Dr. Buhr, the general secretary and former president of the DGAV, as well as Professor Dr. Lorenz (DGAV president and director and chief physician of the surgical hospital I: hospital for general and visceral surgery at the Sana clinic Offenbach) and Professor Dr. Germer (2nd vice president of DGAV and director of the surgical hospital of the university hospital Würzburg) we have now been active for many years as a sponsor, enabling us to maintain and expand a network with professors across Germany.

In addition to the courses that enabled students to work with the TRILUX Medical Aurinio® L50 examination lights, an industry show once again took place, enabling other products to be displayed in more detail. This in turn created further recommendations and new contacts that would otherwise have been "difficult to get to". In total it was a somewhat difficult but successful and necessary week in the North in the Hanseatic city of Rostock, to remain well-known in the German market and indeed to expand our popularity.