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What exactly is "illumination depth" and how is it defined? What is a DAS system? What does Worklist Management mean? Questions, questions.

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Today we want talk about the term "illumination depth":

Generally, illumination depth specifies the usable working range of an OR light, for example how well the light can illuminate deep wounds and at which distance the light can be used.

An important quality factor here is the actual "light column" (imagine this as a cylinder of light) situated between the light emission surface and the operating field – in ideal cases this must be 1 metre with such measurements.


Calculating the illumination depth: (L is short for length)


L (mm)

is calculated from the sum of

L1 + L2 (see diagram)


The illumination depth L1 + L2 specifies the area within the optical axis of the OR light in which 60% (20%) of the central illuminance is still achieved.

Here we have calculation according to the "old" standard where the values L1 and L2 are determined with 20% of maximum illuminance on 1 metre, and calculation according to the "new" standard where L1 and L2 are determined with 60%. Usually the "old" values are still specified in tenders and brochures.

Summary: The higher the L2 value the more flexible the OR light can be adjusted in its height (over 1 metre), and despite this can still achieve the perfect illumination of a wound.

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