TRILUX Medical as driver of innovation

From idea to product – nationwide competition for the healthcare industry has started

Ideas for the healthcare sector of the future – that's the topic of the already started "Innovation Call" competition of the Wirtschaftsförderung metropoleruhr (wmr) business development company. Under the umbrella brand "Innovationsraum Ruhr" ("Innovation Space Ruhr"), creative people from design, architecture, and software/games from all over Germany are called upon to present their answers to pressing healthcare questions – and, in a best case scenario, to implement them in cooperation with established companies.

Of course, medical technology expert TRILUX Medical, headquartered in Arnsberg, must not be missing from the team of experts. Mr. Ozgur Yurduozler, Director of Marketing and Product Management of TRILUX Medical will be supporting the best idea providers from the area of medical technology as a mentor. So that the idea does not just remain an idea.

The subject areas of the competition are extremely manifold. Medical technology for hospitals, rehab centres, nursing homes and/or home care; software for the hospital industry, digital medicine, eHealth and/or wearables. Specifically, examples such as hygienic surfaces for touchpads, concepts for a healing environment, or innovations for logistics, workflow, furnishings, or lighting can be imagined. The deciding factor in this is the ingenuity and implementability of the ideas.

Three stage competition:
"Innovation Call", "Innovation Lab", "Innovation Day"

The "Innovation Call", in which first all creative people from the areas of design, architecture, and software/games from all over Germany are called upon to submit their innovative ideas for the healthcare sector, already ended on 18 January 2017. Now, the independent jury of experts from different industries and institutions is working on sorting out a maximum of ten best submissions.

In a second step, in the so-called "Innovation Lab", the nominees determined meet the team of experienced mentors for the first time. The mentors are experienced business people from the healthcare sector in the Ruhr metropolis. They agreed to provide space for ideas and to support innovative products and processes. This is where things become really interesting! Because at this point visionary ideas as well as exciting approaches meet with the experts from practice. Here, unique opportunities are created to create novel technologies and to form-fittingly adjust them to the respective company.

In the third and last step, the "Innovation Day", the grand finale takes place. In a relaxed atmosphere, exciting keynotes, workshops, speed dating, fishbowl panels, or virtual reality presentations on multiple stages provide for entertainment, exchange, and close contact with the innovations and trends of tomorrow. With companies from the wide spectrum of the healthcare industry and from the creative scene, with media representative, decision-makers, and interested parties from the Ruhr metropolis, a huge audience is guaranteed.

The highlight will be the pitch finale: The nominees of Germany's creative scene will present their by then further developed solutions for the healthcare industry of tomorrow. Now, it is important to convince the expert jury on-site. The latter assesses the presentation, digs deeper, and grills the creative people. The crowning culmination: the award ceremony! A worthwhile amount of prize money is awaiting the three best idea providers.

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