The reLED OR light for the best illumination: TRILUX Medical Aurinio Wave®

A new dimension in light

On time for the start of MEDICA in Düsseldorf, medical technology specialist TRILUX Medical has released a new generation of its highly efficient and ergonomical OR lights.

Aurinio Wave® with reLED technology is the only OR light to combine a shadow-free luminous field with unique illumination depth and elevated colour rendering. This new dimension of light enables OR teams to work undisturbed in any situation. Its high performance level as well as simple embedding in existing OR integration systems make Aurinio Wave® the ideal light source for discerning surgeons.

A short extract from the concentrated power of Aurinio Wave®:

- reLED technology: lighting technology developed by TRILUX Medical
- Impressive light column for working in any position
- Luminous field with precise focussing for illuminating deep wounds
- LAS technology: built-in power reserve for 100 % lighting performance over the entire lifespan
- and much more…

Experience the new OR light Aurinio Wave® and see the new dimension of light for yourself in our Aurinio Wave® video – click HERE to see the video.