Closure of TRILUX Medical GmbH & Co. KG, Arnsberg, a company of Mizuho Group

Plant closure on 31 May 2020

After the Japanese holding company MIZUHO Corp. decided and announced the closure of the plant with great regret, the management and the works council were able to agree on a socially acceptable solution to the plant closure after around eight weeks of constructive negotiations: approx. 80 employees will leave the company from the end of May 2020 and move to the transfer company START NRW to continue for continued employment and qualification.

The TRILUX Medical GmbH & Co. KG has repeatedly attempted to restructure its operations in Arnsberg in recent years through a variety of measures. The aim of the restructuring was to strengthen competitiveness and thus stabilise the company's economic situation.

Despite considerable effort and high investments, these attempts failed and the company continues to produce considerable losses in the millions. In view of all this, the holding company MIZUHO Corp., based in Japan, made the decision with a heavy heart to discontinue the operations of TRILUX Medical GmbH & Co. KG in Arnsberg, Germany, to be closed down completely as of May 31, 2020.

After the management in Arnsberg, represented by the Managing Director Masayoshi Yamanaka and the authorized signatory Kazuo Teshirogi, announced the closure to the employees on behalf of the Japanese Group Management on February 19, 2020 in a staff meeting, the management and the works council then jointly developed the necessary measures constructively and finally brought them to a signature on April 23, 2020. They were supported by lawyers and external consultants. A social compensation plan and reconciliation of interests was jointly concluded to enable the affected workforce to transfer to the START NRW transfer company. A defined core team will carry out residual liquidation activities beyond May 31, 2020 so that the company can be liquidated and then transfer to the transfer company at a defined later date under the same conditions.

From 1 June 2020, the establishment of a transfer company will enable employees to prepare for taking up a new professional activity or being placed in a new job with the help of individual, professional advice, qualification measures and a close network of important contacts on the labour market. In addition to individual support and encouragement, the aim is to place employees in a new job as quickly as possible.

Since 1964 the company TRILUX Medical in Arnsberg-Hüsten has developed and produced medical supply units for normal care and intensive care and since 2007 examination and operating lights.