TRILUX Medical | triathlon® Modular OR-Solutions

Three disciplines from a single source: planning. products. service.

TRILUX Medical offers a highly practical, complete OR service with triathlon®. The range of services covers planning of ORs up to OR approval. TRILUX Medical offers you support as an expert partner in all phases of planning, product specification, equipping and installation with its extensive knowledge gained nationally and abroad for design and construction, product development and project realisation.

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The triathlon® service catalogue: analysis of requirements; consultation about solution variants; design and implementation planning; supply and installation of products, regular maintenance.


triathlon® transforms your OR into a profit centre. Cost situations can be previously identified and eliminated based on complex simulation options. For problem-free procedures around the OR table. The planning phase can be presented concisely via realistic 3D animations.


triathlon® means the individual production of walls, floors and ceilings. Various materials, decors and colours can be specified, and of course under consideration of cleanroom-relevant standards.


triathlon® concepts ensure maximum flexibility even with difficult room dimensions. TRILUX Medical ceiling supply systems guarantee surgeons rapid patient care from all positions.


triathlon® lighting concepts are developed to offer as much light as possible with very low levels of power consumption. Due to their perfect handling, lighting technology and cost efficiency, TRILUX Medical OR lights are used.


With the OR Integration System Paramon® it is possible to realise OR Integration in projects, even for small hospitals. Paramon® enables the simultaneous coordination of various cameras, image transmission onto a maximum of 12 monitors, documentation of work phases, lighting management. Intuitive handling.


TRILUX Medical helps customers with an experienced team and practical planning support. Please contact us for further details.

Product recommendation

Aurinio Wave®

The reLED OR light for the best illumination

Product recommendation

IS 500 OP

Media bridge for all-round supply.

Product recommendation

Aurinio® LED OR-Lights

Maximum performance –
minimum consumption.


Policlinico Casilino, Rome, Italy

Ranging from planning and products used to downstream services – in the renowned Policlinico Casilino in Rome, TRILUX Medical has proven that all three disciplines contained within the triathlon® name were mastered with confidence and outstanding results.

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